Market research shows that when a consumer is making a decision – whether buying a car, seeking healthcare, or making a major purchase decision at work – personal, emotional connection trumps rational and logical benefits. Watch now to learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to audience journey mapping are broken
  • How to better understand your customer’s psychological motivators
  • Examples of content marketing and inbound strategies that build brand trust across the buyer's journey


Ryan O'Neil, Citrix

Ryan leads audience & content marketing strategies globally for Citrix. With 20 years of experience marketing enterprise software, technology, and cloud services, Ryan takes a progressive marketing approach that challenges the traditional ways of reaching and engaging audiences. Most recently, Ryan has launched audience engagement and content approaches using personas and journey insights in marketing, even exploring how neuroscience drives a buyer’s interest, engagement, and purchase decision.


Shawn Gross, White Rhino

Shawn Gross is the Chief Digital Strategist for White Rhino. Previously Shawn was the head of digital marketing at Massachusetts General Hospital and Tufts Medical Center. At White Rhino, Shawn works with health care B2B technology and provider organizations to build digital strategy roadmaps and develop digital health services including mobile companion apps and personalized website experiences.